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The Harvest is a tiered fruit tree bowl designed to stylishly organize and display your fruit by ripeness, creating a luxurious display of healthy food in a tastefully ripe manner. So how does it work? We’ve used the magic of Mother Nature and optimized the natural process of ripening. Fruit releases ethylene gas when it starts to ripen. When covered by the wooden bowl, gases from the fruit start to build up within the glass bowl. The vents then regulate the flow of the ethylene gas to speed up the ripening process. Ripe or nearly ripe fruit can then be separated on the second wooden tier for quick access - allowing them to last longer, whilst the bananas can hang above and out of the way. Easy Assembly The wooden tree and base is flat packed in the box and is easily attached to the wooden bowl with 4 hex screws.


ORIGINAL DESIGN: This unique, patented three tiered fruit bowl is a functional and attractive table centrepiece for your home. The beautifully carved tree hangs bananas out of the way, up above a wooden bowl of ripe fruit that covers a specially designed glass compartment to ripen avocados. Each level ensures the fruit ripen just right, organization at its best! Packaged in a beautifully designed box, this makes a great house warming present or wedding gift!


RIPEN AVOCADOS: Cant wait for avocados to ripen? Well, we have optimized the natural process of ripening! Fruit releases a natural gas called ethylene gas as it begins to ripen. When placed in the glass container with the wooden lid the gases build up and through the specially designed wooden vents the flow of etheylene gas is regulated to speed up the ripening process. You'll have ripe avocados in no time!


PREMIUM QUALITY: The finest quality materials have been sourced to produce our unique product. The crystal glass bowl is handmade and designed with a sturdy flat surface allowing for stability to hold large amounts of fruit. The Beechwood bowl can be used as a removable stand-alone bowl whilst the banana tree is specifically designed with narrow branch like hooks that support a surprisingly large bunch of bananas without breaking them apart. Quality and design at its best!


SAVE SPACE: Free up counter space and organize your fruit across 3 tiers, in a beautiful display of colour. The Beechwood bowl measures 11.8 inches in diameter allowing for an assortment of stone fruits, oranges, lemons and apples to be stored. The banana hanger is strong and sturdy and will hold up to 2 big bunches, whilst the glass bowl will hold a minimum of 4 large avocados. The ultimate kitchen storage organizer


EASY ASSEMBLY: The tree is flat packed in the box and is easily attached to the wooden bowl with 4 hex screws and key that are included. An instruction manual is enclosed for a quick and straightforward assembly


Your purchase makes a difference!

A percentage of the profits from your purchase are donated to Mary’s Meals, a non-profit organisation that provides a meal a day to children in their place of education. A full stomach goes further than helping a child concentrate in class, it enables them to get an education and live a life free from poverty.

"The Harvest" Fruit Tree Bowl - Beech Wood

  • Diameter of wooden bowl: 11.8 inches
    Total height of Fruit Tree Bowl: 17.2 inches